2019 Annual Performance

2019 was an excellent year with a 44% return on my main portfolio or a 60.6k€ net win. This portfolio is purely french (with one belgium holding exception), GRVO and GAM count for 60% of all holdings.

I started building my second portofolio during summer, and filled it completely in november. Results aren’t significative, I won 1k but lose on overall return percentage (my last positions were bigger and had better return).

Here is a view of my main portofolio evolution during 2019. I started 1st January 2019 with 137k€. I didn’t make deposit.

Here are my current holdings as to 01.01.2020 (P2 is my main portfolio) :

Let’s hope 2020 will continue this way ! 🙂

By the way I forgot! Happy New Year! 🍾 🍾 🍾

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