About me

I’m a 31 years old French, Switzerland based, private investor looking for undervalued stocks in small/micro/nano cap area all over the world.

I will not disclose my full name here cause of my professional activity but I will share my portfolio openly with you and will update it the more often I can.

How I got here

I wasn’t educated in stocks or economics things during my childhood. I first learnt how to manage money while I was playing poker during my studies, winning some k€ playing cash game omaha and tournaments online. This experience helped me to dissociate money from decisions and made me learn :

  • you can lose by taking the best decision, like in stocks.

  • you will win by taking many best decisions, like in stocks.

In 2014 I started stock investment in France following my ideas and mainmedias, figuring I will beat the market with my “Super intelligence”. My first buy were Sanofi (Buffett recommended it so it was for sure a good buy for me), Iliad (it was a super growing company and I liked their internet all-in-one offer) and Direct Energie (an electricity provider described as a good opportunity on economics medias). I sold these three lines later for a little return, missing an offer on Direct Energie some years later but voiding a big down on Sanofi and Iliad.

I then started to learn technical analysis. I focused on support, resistance and RSI (while viewing content about Ichimoku, Bollinger and co). Using purely a technical approach, I started swing trading on stocks evolving in ranges with a moderate success.

I read about books recommendations and ordered The intelligent investor and One up to wall street from Peter Lynch. These reads brought me to value investing.

My actual main strategy consists in finding stocks with low Price to Book (P/B) and low Price Earning Ratio (PER).  I will use other ratio like PEG below 1 with a low Debt to Equity for more accuracy. I self learned all the tools I use here, using books and internet (mostly value blogs), I DO NOT have any professional accreditation regarding financial adviser.

I will share with you my advancement toward my final objective : stop working and live from my capital.

I can currently inject about 40k per year in stocks if I’m very aggressive on my capital allocation. For reach financial independance I will need about 2 or even 3 millions CHF (about the same in USD), this amount is pretty big so I will first focus on a more reasonable objective : reach 1 million. I think I can reach it before 2030. Let’s see how it goes!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any suggestion or comment at : stockspeaking(a)gmail.com.

Disclosure : I am not a professional analyst nor any kind of financial professional, my analysis aren’t an advice to buying stock.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi,

    Just saw your mention of Gevelot, which seems cheap. Thank you for sharing this idea!


    p.s., Two t’s in Buffett 🙂

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